Attractive Home Upgrade Tips for First Time Homeowners
August 29, 2022

As a first-time homeowner, you know that the very first home you purchase will likely not be the last. Oftentimes, the initial home investment you make is either because you can’t afford an expensive 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom living situation or you want to make it a fixer upper and gain a profit in the end.

In either case, you’ll be reselling the home in a decade or less. In the meantime, you’ll want to try making some adjustments to the house, small or large.  After all, it’s your first home!

Avoiding extremes is best.  A popular choice would be decorating for the holidays. A not-so-popular choice would be renovating the place to have pricey new appliances. Somewhere in the middle is where we like to stand.

So, without further ado, here are some attractive upgrades you could implement in your first-time home without cheaping out or breaking the bank.

Smart Tech

Many first-time home buyers are millennials, and we know they love nothing more than being tech savvy. If we took a survey of a hundred people, they’d probably all agree that smart tech is definitely an attractive upgrade.

What does that look like? One first time homeowner may prioritize connecting Alexa’s or Echo’s throughout the house. Another may opt to install a security system or thermostat accessible through Smart Watches and Smart Applications.

Why are these upgrades so popular? Because they’re easily accessible and cost efficient.

Neutral Paints

Most first-time home buyers know that when they sign their first mortgage, the house that they’re getting is not technically what they had in mind.

Think about it - most first-time homes are relatively affordable for many reasons. Those reasons may mean the house has slight water damage, the yard needs work, the rooms are small, or the paint selections are way out there.

What’s the first thing that most buyers do? Head to the nearest Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams supplier, pick out some paint colors, and get down and dirty with paint rollers and brushes.

If we had to suggest which route to take, we’d recommend using neutral paints. That way, you can vamp and revamp the rooms as often as you like with as many options as you can find. You won’t be limited to sticking with one color palette.

Dish Washer

No one likes washing the dishes, but it’s a necessity unless you want to use plastic forks, knives, spoons, plates, and cups for the rest of your lives. Take it from us, cutting a steak with a plastic knife is no walk in the park.

An easy way to fix or reroute this dilemma would be to purchase and install a dishwasher. You’ll conserve water and the monthly electrical bill won’t be too affected. Plus, you won’t absolutely dread getting plates and silverware dirty anymore.

Backyard Deck

If a backyard deck came with your first-time home purchase, it’s likely not in the best shape of its life. Good thing all it takes is a quick power wash and a thin stain protectant top coat to bring its splendor and beauty back!

If the home did not have a backyard deck, purchasing the boards and making it a DIY project isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s an inexpensive project for when the warm weather comes around, and it’ll give you outdoor square footage to grill and gather with loved ones and friends.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Another attractive upgrade for when the warm weather makes an appearance would be an outdoor movie theater. All it takes is a nice outdoor projector, a plain white sheet, the right AV receiver, and a good sound system. Plug it all in near the backyard deck and hang that sheet! Then it’s time to watch movies all summer long! Don’t forget the snacks and drinks before gathering the herd.

Remember, these upgrade suggestions are all personal preferences. Not everyone enjoys going to the movie theater, so movies in the backyard may not sound as appealing as a dishwasher. Just like others may prefer wild colors throughout the rooms in their homes but want an Alexa or Echo around every corner so they can blissfully enjoy music whenever they want. Go with what’s attractive to you - it’s your home after all!