Aligning with the Canzell Realty Team
October 28, 2022

Jason Williamson has never shied from a challenge or failed to recognize a great opportunity. With a recent decision to align his business with Canzell Realty, Jason has embraced a challenge by creating an exciting opportunity for those he works with.  


Why opt to join a larger realty team? Joining Canzell Realty means having access to unlimited training sessions, marketing material, and the backing of a hugely successful company. Canzell Realty offers its employees a cloud-based hybrid business model. This means that enthusiastic realtors, such as Jason Williamson, are able to field their own, local opportunities while utilizing industry-specific seminars and software on a much broader scale.


Reducing the incredible amount of administrative responsibilities required to run a real estate agency allows those who join forces with the Canzell team to fully recommit to their client relationships. As a bonus, Canzell’s Leadership Team, which Jason Williamson has joined, is able to focus on mentoring those new to this exciting industry.


Members of the Canzell Realty team are provided full support, from technology to training, a business model that captured Jason Williamson’s attention.


The highlight of working in real estate, for Jason Williamson, has been the ability to coach both his yellow agents and clients. In building his personal brand, Jason realized that he was becoming less accessible, infringing on his ability to offer guidance and growth.


Jason Williamson decided to make his own move, to Canzell Realty, to return to those roots.


Canzell Realty, a national agency, provides a win-win opportunity in taking ownership of the “hidden” responsibilities while allowing its agents to continue on the path where they succeed the most: working with potential home sellers or buyers. Canzell Realty creates a partnership with its agents as they have partial ownership via company stocks. This model solidifies the team atmosphere as agents are encouraged to look to each other for ways to increase success stories.


It was not an easy decision, for Jason Williamson, to align with a larger broker firm. However, upon discovering Canzell Realty and its full-steam-ahead solutions, Jason knew that the company would be the perfect new place for his business to call home.


Reach out to Jason Williamson today for all of your real estate needs or, if you’d like to join the Canzell Team, ask Jason how!