Finding the Perfect Future with Canzell Realty
November 28, 2022

When Jason Wiliamson began to research an opportunity to join Canzell Realty, the opportunity quickly turned into a path that he knew he had to take. Jason’s own practice as a realtor has long been to put the client’s interest above that of the company’s. This philosphy aligned perfectly with the Canzell Realty vision. Partnering with a company that shares the same values while gaining an entire support team has been a dream come true for Jason Williamson.


“To change the lives of the communities we serve through abundant giving.”


This is the vision statement of Canzell Realty, words that spoke to Jason Williamson from the moment he opted to align with the company. Canzell Realty thinks beyond the sale, which has also been Jason’s longtime method. In his own brokerage firm, Jason offered his clients coaching in portfolio charting, increasing their home’s market value, and achieving success in goal planning. Bringing these principles to his new company allows Jason Williamson to put his own thumb print on Canzell Reality’s foundation.


At Canzell Realty, customer satisfaction is top priority. Canzell even offers a “Love It or Leave It” guarantee, for its home buyers, in which commission is waived if the buyer decides they would like to sell within within the first 90 days of ownership. Canzell has also eliminated long-term contracts, a practice that is often unheard of in real estate. This means that, should a client become unsatisfied with their agent, they can easily shift to another of Canzell’s agents or simply end their relationship with the company, no strings attached.


Beyond the sale, Canzell Realty focuses on the community in which its agents thrive. With each real estate transaction through Canzell, 10% of the company dollar is donated to a charity of the client’s choosing. Fostering a giving heart is a value that Jason Williamson has lived by throughout his entire life. Aligning to a company that encourages community wide growth in giving just made sense.


Another space where Jason Williamson thrives is coaching new realtors. Canzell Realty’s Circle Leader structure allows its leaders to bring fellow agents into the Canzell umbrella and immediately be paired with those who can offer the best training, motivation, and success.


For Jason Williamson, the decision to join a larger company quickly turned from small steps to a giant leap as he realized that Canzell Realty would be a perfect fit. Reach out to Jason Williamson today to hear more about his new corporate family.