The Williamson Way: Building A Top-Notch Team
March 31, 2022

What does the word "team" mean to you? For Jason Williamson, the word team represents the ability to come together and achieve the common goal of our clients. Doing so means remaining true to the second component of the Williamson Way, which prioritizes the growth of our team's abilities and intelligence in the real estate markets that Jason Williamson serves. Led by a United States Marine, the Jason Williamson team has an unwavering commitment to success which includes strong loyalty to both our internal and external members.

It is a common misconception, for many real estate brokers, to focus on the bottom line as a measure of their success. Of course, income is very relevant but, at Jason Williamson, our team places greater value on the impact we can make in managing our clients through the entirety of their time working with us. We consider ourselves successful if our clients are able to tap into all of the strengths we have to offer, far beyond simply showing homes or suggesting neighborhoods. When all the documents are signed, our team wants to be remembered as a force that provided a fruitful experience with multiple valuable lessons. We also want to remain an integral part of our clients' lives for as long as they will have us, coaching them beyond the purchase or sale of a home and toward a strong financial future.

Jason Williamson treasures partnership. This starts within the office by removing what many consider the typical corporate structure. Instead, we create an environment of equals sharing a common path on which we all carry the same level of importance and input, including our clients. If one of us is struggling, the rest of us immediately come together to offer our assistance. We cannot share the glory of a win if we know that not each and every one of our team members felt that they were a part of an amazing effort. As we complete each home sale or purchase, we celebrate the achievement while also understanding the metrics on which we could perform better on our next project. Accolades are followed with reflection. How can we use each day to improve ourselves as we continue reaching higher as a team? What can we extrapolate from each transaction to serve as a stepping stone for the next challenge placed before us?

Jason Williamson believes that once a sale is complete, it becomes part of his team's past and that the true measure of success resides in its future. This is the same philosophy used by the top athletes, always focusing on the next basket or the next swing, or the next race. It is why so often, following championship moments, those same athletes begin preparing for the coming season and competitions, rather than relying on the wins of the previous season to tell their stories.

The Jason Williamson team follows the same philosophy in asking ourselves those same questions. How can we do better? What motivates us? What do tomorrows' successes look like? Why are we here? Where will each day carry us? What will come next week or year?

What does the word "team" mean to you? For Jason Williamson, it means understanding that worth is not created by commission. Worth is created by harnessing those he works with into a cohesive unit with a common goal of providing exemplary service for each client that comes through his doors.

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