The Williamson Way: Growing the Customer
April 30, 2022

One of the most important aspects of the Jason Williamson team is growth, whether it is understanding an evolving real estate market or building the strongest team possible. Both of these standards of the Williamson Way benefit all who cross the threshold to our office. The third component of our success is centered on the growth of our customers. That may sound like a focus on increasing our client numbers, but it actually relates to setting our new and existing customers up for a successful financial future long after the Jason Williamson team has satisfied their real estate needs.

At Jason Williamson, our primary function within the communities we serve is as a real estate brokerage firm. Our primary value with our clients is an ability to leave them with more fiscal intelligence and, therefore, financially stronger, than when they selected our team to serve them. Financial awareness often begins with the home buying process as the purchase is a huge undertaking that includes many steps that buyers are not yet aware exist.

There is a saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Homebuyers often are unclear about what questions they should be asking or, in some cases, feel uncomfortable admitting that they have a lack of knowledge. Our goal is to erase that fear by approaching each client proactively. The Jason Williamson team aims to provide a blueprint, to each of our clients, on buying within their means and maintaining a healthy budget once the paperwork is signed.

A common mistake, in real estate transactions, is relying solely on input from financial institutions to determine spending targets. First-time home buyers often see these loan approval numbers as a goal rather than a limit or a number that should be inclusive of forecasted items beyond the mortgage like utilities, upkeep, renovations, and cost of living increases.

The purchase of a new home is exciting, yes, but that sometimes causes buyers to start down a path of unrealistic probability, in which they rely on potential raises at work or additional income from part-time jobs rather than their current earnings status. At Jason Williamson, we educate our clients on a more practical breakdown of what portion of their income should be reserved for their home in an effort to avoid struggling once they have finally acquired the keys to their new front door.

Perhaps the most intimidating step in home buying is determining which type of mortgage would work best for one’s needs. The mortgage world is confusing and filled with jargon and yet, many homebuyers are afraid to admit gaps in knowledge for fear of appearing unqualified to apply. Sit down with a loan officer and you will hear words like “Fixed,” “Conventional,” “FHA,” or “Adjustable.” For those without a high-level understanding of these lending terms, this can be confusing and may end with a loan that will bring the bank a great deal of revenue, but is not ideal for the consumer.

At Jason Williamson, real estate is our business and, therefore, understanding the many different types of mortgages is essential. By understanding each of our client’s financial temperatures, we are able to guide them to a mortgage plan that would bring them the most success and the least amount of stress. Our team can strengthen their vocabulary and knowledge so that, as they enter to loan application process, they are well armed to get exactly what works best for them.

There are several benefits to homeownership that many are not aware of and the Jason Williamson team will follow up on, post-sale. We make sure our clients understand the tax benefits that they gain by paying real estate taxes and interest payments. As our clients get further into their years of ownership, we educate them on the value of home equity and how they can tap into its use. We pay attention to market and lending trends and alert our clients if there may be positive benefits in refinancing, a process that is often much easier than one may think. We are also available to discuss home improvement options that will create cost savings and potential tax breaks, such as tankless water heaters or solar supplemented electricity.

Beyond the front door, the Jason Williamson team strives to educate its clients on other financial avenues. We do this by offering tips and tricks for investment planning, such as the value of joining their workplace’s 401k program or the importance of participating in an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA). On a more basic level, the Jason William team guides our clients through simple financial account management, such as the benefits of having more than one savings account earmarked for specific spending purposes with auto-transfers enabled to create an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” approach to keep those funds tucked away until needed.

At Jason Williamson, we strive every day for growth, within the real estate market, within our team, and, most importantly, for our clients.